Kingsley Parish Council – Daffodil Bulb Planting

Daffodil Bulb Planting

Our Ward Councillor Hugo Deynem, is looking to support funding for local communities to plant daffodils bulbs in their communities. The Parish Council is aware that we have had a number of bulb planting events in the past and have lovely displays at the bottom of Brookside and up Hollow Lane past St John’s church.

We now have the opportunity to request sacks of 500 bulbs (enough for 50sqm) at a minimal cost to the Parish Council. The requirement for the support from our Borough Councillor is that local people, schools, youth groups, etc; are involved in the planting. At this time, there are no designated areas but suggestions are around the edge of the playing field and verges around the village. Villagers should be aware that Streetscene will not cut the verges until the foliage on the daffodils have died down.

The Parish Council would welcome your comments as to whether we should take up this offer. You can comment via the village Facebook page, or direct to the Parish Clerk via email (). We need to make applications by January 2020, and all bulbs need to be planted by March 2020.