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New CWaC Recycling and Waste Service

The new CWaC recycling and waste service has now commenced and is being rolled out across the borough. CWaC started the first phase of a 12-month rollout for the service on Monday 31 January. CWaC will be rolling out the service one collection round each week with leaflets being delivered 2 weeks ahead of each rollout.

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As the rollout is per collection round, and not per area, residents may see their neighbours having new bin deliveries whilst they will be still on boxes. These people may not see a change until later on in the year. All properties will be changed over by the end of the year.

This is a major logistical challenge (some 320,000 wheeled bins will be deployed) and is being undertaken in five collection rounds on a ward-by-ward basis, the first of which will take place between 14 February and 27 March 2022. Further collection rounds will be detailed in due course.

An online tool has now been created so that residents can enter their postcode to find out when to expect delivery of their new recycling bins. This can be accessed at: https://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/waste-and-recycling/waste-and-recycling-collection.aspx

It appears that most deliveries will take place within the boundary of Kingsley Parish Council either in February, August or September.